Hello, It’s Me

okay, i’m dhanyta fitriani. just call me dhanyta. i’m 18 years old. was born in february 26, 1996. female. just an ordinary student that studies at STAN Denpasar, Indonesia. well-passed from some disgusting examination. graduated from BA Restu kindergarten, Sabililillah elementary school, JHS 1 malang and SHS 1 Malang. really love to hear Owlcity’s, He is We’s, Secondhand Serenade’s and SO7‘s songs. no one can express my feeling except me when: i paint, i see the incredible part of sky, play guitar and play keyboard especially beethoven’s moonlight sonata. i’m crazy of everything about patreta, aaaand SKI that made me learned about how-the-real-life-was.

very grateful to have my beloved family and precious friends. for my entire life and the death, always belong to Allah :)

36 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me

  1. salam kenal…

    terima kasih telah singgah blog saya, dan memberi komentar di geguritan saya.
    apabila mencopy geguritan atau puisi karya saya, silakan saja; dengan catatan agar mencantumkan nama saya sebagai pengarangnya.

    salam sastra.

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