Food – week twenty-six… Half way!

I love guacamole! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I wanted to draw all of the ingredients but I ran out of time…again. Anyway, it’s pretty simple to make. Just mash the avocado with the lime (or lemon) juice, mix in a few drops of tabasco sauce and about half a teaspoon of cumin, splash in some olive oil,then add salt and pepper to taste. Stir through the tomato (deseeded and finely chopped) along with some chopped flat leaf parsley and/or coriander. I can’t remember where this recipe originally came from so I don’t know the exact quantities, it really depends on your own taste so just keep trying it and adding things until you’re happy with the result. Oh, and it’s best if you can refrigerate it before serving. YUM. Maybe you can make this over the weekend :)

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