something hubbub banget.

something hubbub banget.

maaf, mau nggalau lagi. baru saja aku nemu english translation lagunya yui yang u-niform. galaaaau.

*suatu saat mungkin aku akan bilang bahwa postinganku ini bener bener lebay*

*kapan kapan tapi*

*sekarang baca aja yaa*

YUI U-niform English Translation Lyrics

I don’t mean that he’s my lover
because I’m sure that he had a girlfriend
I didn’t know whether is it true or not
…well it’s fine

wearing his dirty uniform
he waved his hands to me
from far away

He was my senior who I admired
He was always looked so cool
even though his smiles is lovely
but he only smiled occasionally 
at the game
but it’s fine

someday on the game
he appeared as a hitter

I used all my fortune
for you

wearing his familiar uniform
from far away
I entrusted the dream

He was my senior who I admired
he was never giving up
his figure when sliding to the first base
I was always watching him
I liked him

running through the youth
put it into the white ball
run & run

He was my senior who I admired
he was always serious
of course there was a difficult time
I was always watching you…

that’s all. whaddaya think? *galaaau*


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